Business Transactions

Dependable Guidance For Your Specific Legal Needs

How do you set the stage for a smooth, successful, and profitable business transaction? The seasoned attorneys at Rosen Law LLC can help you address the problem on several different levels. We start by helping you conduct due diligence, analyzing your venture with our strong business acumen. Our attorneys will meet with you in order to fully understand your business and define your goals. We then create a sound strategy, properly structuring the purchase or sale of the business to ensure the transaction benefits you and protects your rights.

Once we have laid the groundwork together, our attorneys can lend our effective negotiation skills to your transaction. We have negotiated sales and transfers within a variety of industries, working with many different types of businesses and complex transactions, throughout the states of New York, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. We can draft or fully negotiate a contract of sale that reflects your specific business goals. We can also work with you and your tax counsel to minimize taxes and maximize profits.

Call Rosen Law to learn exactly how we can help you with an important business transaction. We will be your personal guides throughout the sale or purchase, carefully walking you through critical legal issues and helping you achieve a successful transaction.