Condominium Law & Offering Plans

Versatile Legal Services Backed With Industry Experience

At Rosen Law LLC, we count condominium law among our key areas of expertise. Our accomplished attorneys have extensive experience in real estate development, condominium sponsorship, general contracting, and other related construction professions, allowing us to approach every project with a multifaceted perspective. We prepare very comprehensive condominium offering plans and have approximately 18 years of experience in writing and submitted condominium offering plans to the New York State Attorney General—and we make sure your offering plan is not only accepted for filing but that it is well written specific for your project.  You need a really well written condominium offering plan to protect you if a purchaser has complaints or files a lawsuit.  Without the details fully articulated in a condominium offering plan, the Sponsor and its principals can be held accountable or hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars of purchaser claims.  Most developers do not realize how important the offering plan really is, but we make sure that we write the most protective plans for our developer clients building any condominium with actual experience having written hundreds of offering plans for 2 units up to 125 units and with total sales prices from $1,000,000 to $250,000,000 project sellouts.

Our varied knowledge allows us to provide you with effective one-on-one guidance. No two projects are alike, which is why we offer flexible advice to meet your particular needs. Will you treat parking spaces as a limited common element or as individual tax lots? Can you retain your parapet walls and roof to install cellular antennas as an additional source of income? Would you consider selling or leasing your storage rooms and laundry rooms? What is the warranty that you would provide in the offering plan, unlimited or limited??  If we think it can help you profit or make your development more efficient, we will be sure to discuss it with  you.

We will take the time to prepare the best possible offering plan, advise you on the development itself, and help you choose the right methods to create a condominium or homeowner’s association. We also defend sponsors, as well as individual principals of sponsors, against litigation from boards of managers and unit owners. Contact Rosen Law to learn how our legal expertise can support your project.