Labor & Employment Law

Legal Experience from Both Sides of the Coin

Labor and employment law have become more heavily scrutinized in recent years, calling for better legal representation on behalf of individual businesses and employees. Rosen Law represents both employers and employees in labor law disputes. We recognize the great expense either of these individuals may face when labor law comes into question. With our thorough understanding of both perspectives, we can provide our clients with effective direction to ensure they can achieve their goals in a labor law dispute.

When it comes to businesses and employers, we understand how devastating it can be to pay several years’ worth of overtime pay, damages, and interest to several employees. Our attorneys can negotiate and litigate on your behalf, working with the US Department of Labor as well as private attorneys, in order to keep you in business.

We have also filed successful collective and class action lawsuits on behalf of employees. We can ensure you receive the overtime pay and other wages you are owed for up to six years, which is the statute of limitations under New York labor laws.

Businesses commonly face labor law disputes when they fail to maintain all of the legally required payroll records. We can work with you to ensure your practices comply with the applicable labor laws. We can also prepare employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, and personnel policies to protect you from employee disputes. Whether you need to prosecute or defend a labor law claim, Rosen Law can help you devise a winning strategy. Contact us to make use of our extensive legal experience.