Mechanic’s Liens

Your Reliable Guides in the Lien Process

Mechanic’s liens allow contractors, suppliers, and professionals to protect the unpaid funds which they have earned. Rosen Law has filed thousands of mechanic’s liens through our affiliated company, NY Liens LLC. Once we file the lien on our client’s behalf, many liened parties will opt to pay the funds owed. When they don’t, we will resort to a lawsuit with the intention of foreclosing the mechanic’s lien. We are always prepared to use every available legal remedy to resolve your case to your satisfaction.

Lien law is very technical in nature. When a lien is handled incorrectly, it can cost the client. Our attorneys are dedicated to making sure every mechanic’s lien is filed correctly. We usually advise our clients to file a lien before resorting to a lawsuit, so they can avoid unnecessary costs. We also represent owners and contractors who have been liened, providing a thorough review of the situation and responding with great attention to detail. Whatever your needs, Rosen Law will see the process through from beginning to end. Call us and see what it’s like to have an experienced attorney by your side.