Real Estate Transactions

Innovative Solutions To Your Real Estate Needs

All property buyers and sellers of real estate should have reliable representation in connection with the buying or selling or financing of real estate. Having the right attorney can save you money and save you grief.  That said, the best real estate attorneys don’t simply show up when the going gets tough—they provide complete strategies and solutions for all of your legal concerns. At Rosen Law LLC, we believe in a comprehensive approach to real estate law. With thorough preparation and effective legal strategy, our attorneys can help you make safe transactions, save money, protect your interests and achieve your goals.

When you’re buying or selling real estate, you need a sensible plan of action. Our attorneys have extensive experience with real estate transactions. We can provide you with a practical plan to maximize your funds, save money on transfer taxes and income taxes, and successfully close your transaction. We provide sophisticated strategies to complete your transactions using tax free exchanges, sale-leaseback, real estate benefits for industrial development agencies, 1031 tax free exchange transactions, 421-a and Industrial and Commercial Abatement Program tax exemption benefits, among other approaches.

When you need legal assistance, our attorneys will work closely with you every step of the way. Our process involves discussing your goals, envisioning different scenarios, and designing a strategy for the negotiation process. Your contract of sale should be as clear as possible, protecting your interests while preventing the possibility of disputes. Your property title must be clear, marketable, and insurable. We can help you draft clear, unambiguous contracts while carefully reviewing your titles to avoid future problems.

Overall, we strive to provide a smooth and positive experience for all of our clients. That includes the closing process, which we approach with plenty of advance preparation. We also help landlords and tenants avoid disputes, protect their rights, and ensure the lease benefits them as much as possible. Contact Rosen Law to discuss your particular real estate needs. We will ensure that your future transactions are successful.