Sonnia Torres


Sonnia Torres is a seasoned real estate paralegal who has worked with Rosen Law LLC for nearly a decade.  Sonnia was trained by some of Rosen Law LLC’s own real estate developer clients with whom she worked for over 12 years.

Sonnia is the head paralegal at Rosen Law LLC handling in legal matters related to residential and commercial real estate. She guides clients through every stage of their real estate transactions, including communicating with real estate brokers, other attorneys’ offices, title companies and helping our clients understand the entire process of a real estate transaction, whether the sale or purchase of a house, condominium or cooperative apartment, or the purchase and/or sale of multimillion dollar commercial and/or residential buildings and loans.

Sonnia has years of experience and knowledge in the acquisition, development, financing, sale, and leasing of residential real estate with a very thorough understanding of condominium developments, tax abatements and affordable housing. Her areas of responsibility within Rosen Law LLC include closings of two, three, and four family dwellings, commercial properties, mixed use properties, condominium units, and land acquisitions.

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