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Our clients appreciate the wealth of experience we bring to the table, allowing us to address their individual needs in an efficient and effective manner. Take a look at a sampling of the following testimonials from clients to learn how our valued clients have benefited from our legal services in the past:

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I met Gary 20 years ago when he was just a young man. Even then, I could see that Gary was one of the smartest, most ethical and impressive people I have ever met. Gary just gets things done. At that time, Gary was running a tennis club full time, building beautiful condos in Brooklyn and going to law school at night and then passing the bar right off the bat. He is definitely a man that you would want on your side.

Philip Rosenthal

The only reason to use an attorney, period, is for people like Gary Rosen. He is the best!

Patrizia Alessi

Rosen Law LLC defended us in a fair labor standards act lawsuit, saving us what could have been a multi-million dollar judgment against us by reaching a fast resolute settlement for a nominal amount of money.


Gary Rosen sued us.  So when the case was settled, we hired him.


Rosen Law LLC is aggressive and tenacious.  We’re glad they worked for us.


Gary Rosen has developed condominium projects and was a general contractor and developer in the past and we’ve allowed his experiences to help us.  Rosen Law LLC has represented us in developing condominium projects and obtaining tax abatements for many projects.  We have not been sued by any purchasers of condominium units because Gary Rosen made sure that we disclosed everything required to be disclosed in a condominium offering plan and went the extra lengths to make sure that the our architect properly described everything in the offering plan report.  We know of many other developers who have been sued because they were looking to pay the lowest price for the condominium offering plan and they got what they paid for.


Gary Rosen and Rosen Law LLC and their staff have represented us for nearly 20 years, handling our real estate transactions, defending us in litigation, prosecuting our claims to collect money and has been like our own general counsel available to us at all times for excellent advice.


This seemingly normal situation morphed into a nightmare. Throughout this most difficult time for me, you have both been patient, kind, sympathetic and empathetic. I truly, appreciate that. In the past year, I have spoken to you so much, that I feel like you’ve become my extended family. It is with sincerest and heartfelt gratitude that I say “thank you” and wish you good health and all the best, so that you can continue to do what you do best! You can be sure, that if anyone I know needs legal services, I will highly recommend you. Once again, thank you so much!!!