Who We Are

Trustworthy Legal Solutions From Industry Professionals

At Rosen Law LLC, we strive to go above and beyond the duties of an average law firm. We have a singular vision to maintain a strategic partnership with our clients — in other words, to be your private general counsel and to work directly with our clients every step of the way. Why do we place so much emphasis on our relationships with our clients? We believe in working with the client to analyze every situation on an individual basis and then we create a unique, efficient plan that will help our clients achieve their goals. That process requires three core elements: a strong familiarity with the law, expertise within the appropriate area of the law, and a thoughtful strategic, attentive approach to our clients’ needs.

We look at every transaction and every litigation case with “what if” scenarios. We analyze and look at every angle of a case or transaction so that we have answers if “this happens” or “that happens” or “if something unforeseen occurs.” We pride ourselves on using our own many years of “what if” analysis strategy.

Our attorneys, admitted to practice law in New York, Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, practice within a wide range of legal areas including business and real estate litigation, Fair Labor Standards Act litigation, complex real estate transactions, preparation of condominium offering plans, business sale and purchase transactions, construction law and litigation, New York City tax abatements, estate planning, probate and probate litigation and much more. Our attorneys and paralegals have significant experience in vast areas of the law allowing them to approach every case or transaction from a position of knowledge and special insight. We can provide intelligent advice to help you avoid legal issues, save money, and ensure your projects and objectives are successful.

With full service offices in Great Neck, New York and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, our staff is always available to serve our clients.  We provide straightforward solutions to your complex legal challenges. Contact Rosen Law LLC and take advantage of our unusual methods of the practice of law and our strategic advisory services. Our forward-thinking attorneys will provide you with the creative legal counsel you need to succeed and to give you the competitive edge.